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People call it SEO, Inbound Marketing, Conversion Marketing, Content Development, Marketing Funnel and a few others. Put simply, we help get the right people to you and create growth for your organization, brand or product! 

Salesforce tells us that: 
94% of buyers conduct online research as a key part of their shopping decision process
60% of buyers would rather do their own research rather than talk with a sales person

So the question is, how do you connect to these online researchers and get your offer in front of them?

here's how we do it: 

Technical SEO: Keyword Research, Google Analytics, Page Speed, On-site optimization, Meta Descriptions, H1 Tag optimization & rewrites, On-site copy edits (keyword density check), Setup Phone tracking numbers, website construction & website reconfiguration for lead generation. (Read More About Technical SEO)

Local SEO: Optimize your Name, Address, Phone, and top categories on the top 70+ local citations, suppress duplicate listings monthly, Google My Business management, Facebook Business support, local SEO content strategies and more. We can even track your competitors to help you gain insight on out performing them. (Learn More)

SEO Content: Editorial Calendar Development, SEO Driven blogs or onsite copy (static pages) by premium writers, Optimized implementation of blogs on websites, visual assets for each blog post and social media content for facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, and youtube (Our network of copywriters, video producers, graphic designers and photographers allow us to be a turnkey solution for many aspiring content providers).

Reputation Management: Review monitoring and weekly alerts, hosted review funnel website, Point-of-sale materials soliciting reviews, email templates, Embedded "review us" button or link for website. 

Reporting & Project Management: Full reporting suite, PDF reporting, Provided Project management tools. 

SEO Training: Many organizations need SEO education before jumping in with both feet. We offer workshops and consulting calls to the learning organization. This is often a good first step if you are in early days of trying to develop an SEO strategy. 




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