Inpop Records - Website and Marketing Reboot

An indie record label, Inpop Records, had a new team and wanted a new story, website and direct-to-consumer platform including email and social media. The backbone of this site was built on Nationbuilder which would allow Inpop to do CRM for a street team.  We integrated the record label's entire musical catalog to enhance its SEO ability and to drive traffic.  

Branding + Site Build

When a publisher comes to you and asks you to create a new story, logo and website for them the challenge is exciting.   It is always fun for us to get to find a new brand.  We put the right creative team together and built a new logo and a great website with some really unique functionality that allows Centricity Publishing to promote their writers (Lauren Daigle, Jordan Feliz, Seth Mosley) and songs in a compelling way.  The special part of this site is its dynamic content paired with a B2B focus.  A music publisher isn't a direct-to-consumer entity so our challenge was to create a dynamic, consumer friendly front-end that worked well for a B2B company.  

Check out the site at 


After going over a year with a site in development represented by only a splash page.  Matt Papa's site was stalled out in its process.  We new it would be a challenge to jumpstart the process again and we wanted to build a dynamic hub-based site that would the Matt Papa brand to grow and adapt with today's new tech.  

In our opinion, Squarespace websites allow you the most opportunity to do this.  Matt's new site which we launched in 2016 is scoring 93/100 in its SEO abilities and we expect that number to climb as he engages more dynamic content.